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The Forth in Praise website was originally part of a bigger organisation, the Forth in Praise Music Advisory Group, formed in 2002 to help and support parish musicians in the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh, Scotland. The Group, which I convened, was run by volunteers and was attached to the Archdiocesan Liturgy Commission. Over the years, my colleagues and I held a number of music events which were well-attended and which we all enjoyed.

Particular highlights for the Group included organising our Archdiocesan section of the Bellahouston choir for the Papal visit in 2010. This website was the first to post, with permission, audio files of the Mass composed by James MacMillan for the occasion. Although the files were computer-generated, hits worldwide nearly brought the site down.

We also helped to introduce music for the New Liturgy in 2011, both with practical events and with online resources. In particular, we uploaded files of the new chants in staff notation for those who found this easier to read and understand. These can be found on the Downloads and Publications page.

But all good things must come to an end, and after a dozen or so productive years, Forth in Praise has finally ceased as an active organisation. This website is still popular, however, and as webmaster, I hope to continue it in a reduced format as an independent site, retaining the downloadable resources and adding to them where possible. The Organistsí Blog will also keep going, and I hope our regular readers will continue to look in.

Finally, I must register my thanks to those whose support for Forth in Praise over the years was crucial: my colleagues in the group, past and present, who gave unstintingly of their time and work; the composers who allowed us to use their music freely; our excellent leaders of events; and last, but definitely not least, all the participants in those events who made them such joyous occasions.

Evelyn Stell
Webmaster, Forth in Praise
20 June 2015

Grangemouth on the river Forth