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NEWS UPDATE 15 February 2014

from Webmaster Evelyn (my new job!)

Sorry about the lack of updating of this and other pages. There seems to have been something of a hiatus in Forth in Praise since my departure as Convener at the end of last year.

Because of this I have hesitated to make many changes, but please do remember that this page in particular is always worthy of a run-through, as many of the sites it links to are themselves regularly updated.

The Publications and Downloads page is also worth a look as it includes some liturgical items for Lent and Easter, and the ever-popular 'Bring Flowers of the rarest' music is still there.

  • Some news which I have just caught up with (see current Organists' blog) is that Bishop Gilbert of Aberdeen is now President of the National Liturgy Commission instead of Bishop Toal. The information is in the Scottish Catholic Observer of 14 February 2014. It must be very recent, as it hasn't yet reached either the Roman Missal Scotland website, or even the website of the Bishops' Conference of Scotland.

    Hopefully the change will mean the revival of the committee for the approval of Mass music for publication, dormant for nearly a year. This will be good news for Scottish composers.

I'll add any further information that comes my way, although with Forth in Praise in hibernation, I don't know whether I'll receive any official notifications. Still, unofficial notifications are always welcome, not to mention good old gossip and rumour!

Evelyn Stell, Webmaster, Forth in Praise


The text itself and the official chant

In Scotland

In other countries

ICEL chant in staff notation

A selection of Mass settings

Information and Resources Websites

Publishers' websites

The text itself and the official chant

The sections of the new Mass text which are customarily sung in our parishes - Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Memorial acclamations and Agnus Dei - can be found here.

The full text is at Roman Missal on the American bishops' website. The English bishops' website also has information on the text.

The official chant of the English version of the new Mass is published in downloadable PDF form by ICEL here.

Forth in Praise has created a staff notation version of the main people's chants of the new Missal:

ICEL chant in staff notation.
Also accompaniments for beginner organists

Freely downloadable from Forth in Praise

Melodies in staff notation. Four different accompaniments for each chant, including chords. Organists can choose and download according to skill level.

AGNUS DEI now all online for downloading.

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The new liturgy in Scotland

Roman Missal Scotland is the official Scottish website giving information about the new Missal translation.
It contains downloadable audio files of the ICEL chant.

The new liturgy in other countries

England and Wales




New Zealand


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PLEASE NOTE: Links to many more new and revised settings can be found on publishers' websites
and on the websites of national bishops' conferences.

An asterisk before a title means that the work has been approved in the country of first publication.
The approved settings listed on the Roman Missal Scotland website can be viewed here,
and in England and Wales here.
Other countries will have similar lists on their own websites.

James MacMillan
*Mass of Blessed John Henry Newman
Specially commissioned for the 2010 Papal visit.
Audio files created at that time can be accessed here.

*Mass of St Anne Revised for the new liturgy.
(Boosey & Hawkes).

Approved: ENGLAND

Approved: ENGLAND
Margaret Rizza
Approved: ENGLAND
Malcolm Archer
Approved: ENGLAND
Philip Ledger
Approved: ENGLAND
Paul Taylor
*Mass of St Francis (Archdiocese of Melbourne) Freely downloadable
Peter Rose
Approved: SCOTLAND
Noel Donnelly
*Dalreoch Mass (St Mungo Music) Freely downloadable
Approved: SCOTLAND
Tony Giovanazzi
*Irish Mass, *Hebrides Mass, *St Peter's Mass
(St Peter's RC Church, Edinburgh)
Approved: SCOTLAND
Harry McFarlane
*The Holy Trinity Mass (to be published by Decani Music. More information can be found here).
Approved: SCOTLAND
Eugene Burns
*St Magdalene Gloria ( Freely downloadable
Approved: SCOTLAND
Eugene Burns
*Chrisswell Mass ( Freely downloadable
Approved: SCOTLAND
Evelyn Stell
*St Michael Gloria ( Freely downloadable
Approved: SCOTLAND
Gerry Fitzpatrick
Mass of St Andrew (St Mungo Music) Freely downloadable
Status unknown
as yet
Evelyn Stell
St Michael Sanctus, Christmas Carol Mass, Memorial Acclamations ( Freely downloadable
Nicola Lawrence
Aurora Mass, Malus Mass, Solera Gloria, Quinate Gloria
(Lawrence Musica) Freely downloadable
Eugene Burns
Chrisswell Gloria ( Freely downloadable

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Information and Resources Websites

(see also official websites for each country)

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Some publishers' websites

Veritas Ireland
RSCM England

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